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The real estate sector is experiencing a digital shift, which poses new challenges for property owners to create value for their own business and tenants. Twinfinity® offers a solution to this challenge by providing a digital twin technology that enables you to easily visualize your building's construction, features and overall performance with just a single click.

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Twinfinity enables you to:

  • Transition from a drawing-based approach, with multiple truths, to a more efficient, model-based method, with one truth.
  • Connect your building’s business, operational and climate data to your 3D model, giving your property data a spatial context.
  • Visualize and analyze your property's CO2-footprint for parameters such as indoor climate, material selection and basis for sustainability certifications.
  • Maximize design for deconstruction through quick feedback on volume and planning for reuse.
  • Optimize the operation and management of your property by visualizing important information, such as contract lengths, rental levels, vacancies, and the location of tenants within the building.
  • Utilize your 3D model to visualize information from other systems in a building context to facilitate better decision-making and activities.
  • Take advantage of ready-made apps that make it easy to open, shape, and validate IFC files, as well as register any changes made to your physical property directly in your digital twin.

The central hub for your ecosystem of data and service

The daily operations of property management involve a variety of interconnected systems, such as maintenance request and ticket management, energy monitoring, and maintenance information systems. These systems hold critical data, but can be challenging for employees to access and understand. Twinfinity® allows users to easily access and interpret this information by visualizing it in the context of the building, making it easier to make informed decisions and to take appropriate action.

We give your property data a spatial context

Twinfinity® is a platform for digital twins that works both in the cloud and on-prem. At the center of the platform is a digital 3D model that links your property’s business, operational and climate data. When the information is aggregated and visualized, it all comes together in a digital platform that serves as a single source of truth. Twinfinity® creates endless possibilities for visualizing information, the only limitation lies in the data you have available and put into the platform. The central hub for your ecosystem of data and serviceThe central hub for your ecosystem of data and service

In Twinfinity, you can get:

  • Insights into the performance of individual buildings as well as your entire property portfolio. 
  • Easy-to-use and customizable tools and apps that visualize and analyze the information that matters most to you.
  • A seamless flow of information that results in fewer errors, lower update costs and up-to-date and accurate building information for all stakeholders.

Reduce your building’s climate footprint

As regulations for reporting the environmental impact of buildings become more stringent, it is crucial to have a tool that can help you stay compliant and make sustainable decisions. Twinfinity® helps you visualize and analyze data related to your property’s CO2 footprint, indoor climate, and potential for reuse, among other things. This information can be used to meet the requirements of climate declarations and support the transition to a more sustainable business model.

Optimize your business

With Twinfinity®, you can connect all of your business data to your 3D model, giving you a comprehensive overview of all essential information in one place. This includes data such as contract lengths, rent levels, vacancies, and the location of tenants within the building. Twinfinity® also allows you to answer complex questions quickly and easily. Additionally, by supplementing the 3D model with information on the property’s technical status, you can potentially increase the building’s market value, particularly during a due diligence process.

Reduce your management costs

Twinfinity® simplifies the maintenance and management of your buildings by connecting and visualizing all your data sources in one unified interface.

With the platform, you can: 

  • Continuously update the digital twin with real-time information to get a complete and accurate view of the property. 
  • View the room layout, window sizes, load-bearing walls and identify where light fixtures need to be replaced.
  • Service error and case management systems by providing information about specific rooms, objects, or surfaces, making it easier to use these systems.

Increase efficiency

Twinfinity® allows you to optimize building operations in real-time by utilizing sensor data. This enables you to see how the property is performing at any given moment and adjust accordingly. For example, you can lower the temperature in unoccupied spaces or reduce cleaning efforts on surfaces that are not in use. With Twinfinity®, you can aggregate and visualize operational and maintenance information in real-time.  This gives you quick and secure access to the data you need to make informed decisions and act in the right place and at the right time.

Organized and streamlined with system support for document management

As property owners begin to make more data-driven decisions, it becomes increasingly important to have access to accurate and reliable documents, drawings and models. Twinfinity® offers a well-proven system support for document management that has been on the market for over 20 years. This support helps you manage versions, permissions, and access controls. It ensures you have the correct document at every stage of the project, providing order in your digital documentation. The solution has two parts: one for projects and one for operations. It creates value by keeping information within the system and using it throughout the property's life cycle. This enables an uninterrupted flow of information between projects and operations.

The underlying document management system ensures that the correct version of, for example, operational and maintenance information can be accessed from the 3D model in Twinfinity®. It also includes a built-in function for quality assurance of drawings and models, and is integrated with Microsoft Office. The system offers a high level of security with encrypted traffic and data, as well as advanced permission control. It also has functionality related to project management, with the possibility of working with project templates for structure and quality assurance.

Part of the RealEstateCore family

Twinfinity® is a platform designed to manage and visualize information in digital connected building models. The platform makes digital building models available through APIs for various applications and services. By using the industry standard RealEstateCore to describe these buildings, Twinfinity® can integrate with systems such as ProptechOS and provide building representations that allow for the combination of business data, operational data, sensor data, and more with the digital building model. By combining and visualizing data from ProptechOS and Twinfinity®, the platform creates meaning and context for the user.

Twinfinity apps

On the Twinfinity platform, you gain access to a range of user-friendly and customizable apps that help you visualize and analyze information, update your drawings and models, and validate the quality of your digital deliveries.

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With Twinfinity’s built-in IFC viewer, you can open and display IFC files that are stored in the Twinfinity platform. In the app, you can also expose all the data contained in the IFC file.  

Changes & Assets

In the Changes & Assets app, you can document changes that occur in your physical property directly in your digital twin and enrich your models with information and objects. This ensures that your drawings and models are kept up to date throughout the building’s life cycle.


In Twinfinity’s IFC validator, you can assess the information quality in your IFC files. The validator can also ensure that the models delivered by the projects to the operation have correct right structure and right set of information.

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