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Twinfinity apps

Twinfinity's platform provides access to a variety of easy-to-use and customizable apps that assist in visualizing and analyzing data, maintaining updated drawings and models, and ensuring the quality of your digital outputs.

IFC viewer

IFC files stored in Twinfinity® can be opened and viewed using the platform's integrated IFC viewer. The tool also displays all the data contained in the IFC file. Additionally, the IFC viewer has functionality for adding sensors, allowing models to be gradually supplemented with information. These sensors are included in Real Estate Core (REC) exports of the building, which can populate relevant systems to establish a shared information model of the building.

With the app, users can:

  • View all disciplines at once.
  • Select one or multiple disciplines to view simultaneously, such as architecture and plumbing.
  • Choose to see one or more floors.
  • Combine the above selections and view architecture and plumbing for a specific floor.
  • Click on an object to access all associated information, such as dimensions and BIP codes.
  • Create visualizations for complex inquiries, for example, illustrating which rooms are affected when turning off a specific air handling unit in the building.
  • Pan, zoom, and navigate around the model.
  • Perform simple measurements such as area and distance.

Changes & Assets

When converting your physical property into a digital twin, it's crucial to ensure that your digital drawings and models are continuously updated. The Changes & Assets app allows you to easily document any changes made to your physical property, such as replacing a door or merging conference rooms, directly in your digital twin. When you register a change in the app, the corresponding adjustments are immediately made in the digital model. This ensures your digital twin is always up-to-date and reflective of reality.

Changes & Assets is fully responsive and can be accessed on handheld devices with touch controls.

With the app, you can:

  • View your entire real estate portfolio on a map
  • Search for specific properties in a list or use the map view to find the desired property
  • Access your property's digital 3D model with floor plans and spaces
  • Register changes directly in the model, for example, if you change a door or move a wall
  • Add descriptions that specify the action taken and attach supplementary documentation, such as images

In Changes & Assets, you can also enrich models with various types of assets over time, such as IT, heating, cooling or ventilation. You can link various properties, documentation, and images to these objects to simplify day-to-day management. Assets created in the app are included in the Real Estate Core (REC) export, making them available in the customer's ecosystem of data and services.

When you register changes in Changes & Assets, an errand is created that you can either handle yourself or assign to a responsible recipient outside your organization. At Twinfinity, we offer information management services for this purpose.  

IFC validator

Twinfinity's IFC validator is a web-based app that helps you verify the information quality of your IFC files. It ensures that the models delivered to the operation have the correct structure and information. This increases reliability and ensures that decisions based on the digital twin are based on accurate and quality-assured data.


The validator also helps you ensure the accuracy and completeness of your IFC files by automatically checking them against a set of predefined rules, such as a delivery specification. The validator can be located as an external “black box” outside of Twinfinity for designers to validate their files before delivery. It can also be located internally within your organization to control incoming digital IFC deliveries. The outcome of an information check through the IFC validator is a BCF file that can be imported into any design software for further action.

With the app, users can:

  • Automate information checks of IFC files to ensure compliance with current requirements.
  • Create time savings and better reliability among all parties in a project.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of incoming models and requirements.
  • Validate against BIP codes, CoClass, etc.
  • Customize the content you want to control through a template manager.
  • Validate all disciplines.

Our offer in data-driven real estate development 

Whether you want to develop your digital strategy, move from a drawing-based practice to a model-based one, or connect your existing 3D models to Twinfinity®, we can help you digitalize your operations and take the first steps toward data-driven real estate development.

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Twinfinity is a BIM platform that creates digital twins, allowing you to visualize the construction, functions, and overall performance of your building.

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