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Our full-service offering

Getting started

Data makes real estate smarter. This is our offering creating data-driven real estate development from A to Z. Whether you're transitioning from traditional drawings to dynamic 3D models or looking to connect your existing models to Twinfinity®, we assist in transitioning your real estate operations into the digital era. 



Getting to know each other

Understanding the customer journey is fundamental for us and our clients because it defines the path to reaching their objectives. This journey may start before they engage with us or it may begin at our introduction, but either way, it's integral to the success of our partnership. That's why we initiate our collaboration with a conversation centered on the goal—determining the purpose and desired outcomes of our joint venture into Digital Twins.

Services such as Digital Strategy, SimpleBuilding and Digital Maintenance is supplied via a Twinfinity Partner. Unless otherwise specified, the partner is Sweco. 

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Digital strategy

Establish a base line
for Digital Twins

Our clients often come with well-defined objectives, primarily revolving around the organization and management of their property documentation. Customers often seek to:

  • Trust their information for informed decision-making.
  • Require precise data for future projects.
  • Express a need to visualize diverse types of data within a digital building, such as sensor data indicating temperature, occupancy levels, air quality and more. 
  • Gaining control over energy consumption and analyzing building data.

Despite having these goals, the path to achieving them can be unclear. Our clients recognize the necessity but are not always equipped with the know-how, especially with tightening regulatory demands and the potential for significant cost savings through energy efficiency, space optimization, and systematic maintenance—factors that underscore the value of investing in organizational efficiency. A Digital strategy is required.

The journey with us starts with an exploratory dialogue where we discuss the current status, objectives, budget, and timeline. We encourage the involvement of all organizational levels in this conversation to ensure a shared understanding of the forthcoming changes, the reasons behind them, and the collective benefits they will bring. Our experience confirms that this inclusive approach greatly enhances the speed and quality of the implementation process. A Digital strategy establishes the foundation for data-driven real estate development, tailored to our customers current digital maturity and goals. We aid in identifying your current position, desired outcome, and the best path to reach it.

Let our experts smooth the path to your digital future. With Twinfinity®, making the shift to digital is straightforward and rewarding. 

We're here to help, whether it's enhancing your existing digital twin strategy or crafting a brand new one.

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Create digital buildings
on a portfolio level

Following the Digital Strategy, we enter the inventory phase - often including the creation of SimpleBuildings : simple digital representations of properties. -. The aim is to compile and quality-assess all property-related documentation, determining its relevance with the help of the client's team. Our specialists guide you through this phase to ensure a seamless transition with minimal operational disruption. We create a detailed report for each property that describes its current state, the quality of the existing materials, and any recommended actions—often highlighting discrepancies in the building plans and actual measured areas, outdated modifications, or incorrect room numbers. The outcome is a digital representation of the customers properties - a digital model, which will act as carrier of information in the Digital Twin.

For an efficient and centralized information approach, we typically advocate transitioning from traditional drawings to a BIM (Building Information Modeling) model—a 3D representation that encapsulates the entire building. 

This model-based strategy brings numerous advantages and serves as the foundation for creating a digital twin, a virtual counterpart of the building with accessible information for authorized users.

If a client prefer to continue with drawings, we can accommodate that choice, although it's important to note that maintaining drawings requires a different approach than models. We advocate for model-based work due to its manifold benefits and its potential to become the industry standard. Should the need for drawings persist, they can be extracted from the model, but updates should always be managed within the model itself, not in the drawings

The SimpleBuilding concept allows for gathering of your property data in an easy-to-use 3D model, giving you complete control of your properties, reducing costs and optimizing data flow and profitability in each building.

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Twinfinity, your go-to BIM platform, transforms building management by creating interactive digital twins.

In this phase, it is finally time to create the digital twin, by enriching the building model(SimpleBuilding) with information. This can include adding details ranging from wall properties to linked documents within the model, incorporating sensor data in rooms, tracking ongoing issues, and inserting specific components like fire extinguishers or access control systems. A notable feature is Twinfinity's integration capability, allowing for seamless connection with maintenance systems, business systems, BMS, and issue management systems directly within the model for an intuitive user experience.

Twinfinity, through our API, is designed to be part of a larger ecosystem, where data ownership always remains with the customer. We shun the notion of a one-stop shop for data storage—it's not sustainable nor appropriate. We tailor integrations to our customers' data management preferences, often incorporating master data from various systems or using platforms like ProptechOS.

Twinfinity Platform Integration capabilities

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Digital maintenance

Stay ahead with our information management services, tailored to keep your property data current and comprehensive.

Creating models and enriching them with data is a major leap and investment for most of our customers. Therefore, securing the validity and correctness of the digital models over time becomes essential to being able to trust decisions based on the digital twin. A life cycle perspective is therefore essential in the customer journey, ensuring a seamless process from new construction to management, renovation, demolition and even recycling and reuse. A well-defined procedure and support are vital to keep the digital twin accurate and up-to-date, mirroring the physical environment. In partnership with Sweco, we provide an information management service for maintenance of SimpleBuildings , project initiation support, and delivery reviews/validation, among other services. Our apps support change reporting, component placement, reusable material specification, sensor data display, and comprehensive space management.

Stay ahead with our information management services, tailored to keep your property data current and comprehensive. Twinfinity is here to provide the precise level of support you require, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Digital Twin as a Service

Interested in our all-inclusive package?

At Twinfinity, we value personal relationships and view each new client as a long-term partner, aspiring to make their digitization journey a resounding success. Drawing on our experience with numerous major real estate firms, we are committed to this collaborative approach.

For those seeking an optimal experience, we offer a Digital Twin as a Service option—an all-inclusive package where we manage everything described above from the outset, demanding minimal effort from the client. We invite you to discuss this service with us for more detailed information!

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