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Getting started

The short answer is that Twinfinity is a platform for digital twins.

The longer, more correct answer is that Twinfinity is a platform that allows our customers to create value-adding applications for various aspects of their business. The applications share a common feature, which is the creation of additional value through the collection of operational data that is visualized in the relevant context – the building context.

To truly understand the value Twinfinity offers, it is important to understand the challenges that property owners face. We’d be happy to provide more information about this in a meeting with you. But in essence, Twinfinity creates value by:

  • Establishing a shared understanding of the customer's data and services related to the property, eliminating duplications, distortions, and losses, and enabling the creation of insights, value, and new services.
  • Providing customers with the flexibility to develop custom applications centered around their building, tailored to their specific needs and conditions.

There are a number of standard applications in Twinfinity that are ready to be used more or less "out of the box". You can find more information about Twinfinity's apps below:

Our apps

Twinfinity enables you to connect your business data to a digital 3D model of your property. The outcome is a smart digital twin that helps you optimize your business, reduce management costs, and create new value for tenants and users, among other things. This means that Twinfinity is equally useful for top management and those responsible for daily property operations.

For skilled developers eager to start creating applications, Twinfinity provides a playground environment where developers can code against the Twinfinity API without having to set up their own environments. Additionally, the API is well-documented and available online. Most of our customers start their journey with Twinfinity by testing the solution with a handful of their properties and a few use cases, such as real-time room-level temperature display or linking technical documentation to objects in the 3D model.

BIM stands for "Building Information Model" and refers to the creation and use of a digital model of a building. BIM technology enables the creation of digital, object-based models that represent real-world objects, such as a staircase or a wall in a house. These objects are often equipped with both geometries and other properties, allowing the information to be used for multiple purposes and by multiple users.

There are many definitions of what constitutes a digital twin. For us, a digital twin is created when a digital copy of a physical object is made, to which business data is linked, resulting in new insights, values, and services for the owners, users, and managers of the object. Learn more about digital twins here

Working data-driven means utilizing data to gain insights and understanding, as well as making informed and proactive decisions, both big and small. By working data-driven in your real estate development, you get a better understanding of how your property is performing and meeting its goals through visualizations and smart KPIs. Additionally, you'll be able to act more quickly and efficiently on any deviations (such as in operation, energy and environment) and steer the operation towards your set goals.

There are several answers to this question. The real estate industry, like all other industries, is undergoing a digital transformation. From the perspective of the property owner, we see that there are several benefits to working with digital twins. From an efficiency perspective, the digital twin helps you save more energy, reduce costs, optimize maintenance, rental processes, etc.

It can also be seen from the perspective that there is a generation shift taking place in, for example, the management profession – where it will likely be easier to attract young employees the more digitally advanced the company is.

Another, and perhaps the most important perspective, is the customer perspective. We believe that tenants are not as interested in a delivery in the form of concrete, glass, and doors – but expect a level of service that is difficult for real estate companies to achieve without high technology adoption and digital twins.

The answer to this question depends largely on the digital maturity of your organization. At Twinfinity, along with our partners, such as Sweco, we can help your organization get started with digital twins, from digital strategy, through the creation of a 3D model, to the implementation of the digital twin.

The starting point of the journey is determined by your current situation and level of ambition in terms of digitalization. Let's have a conversation to assess your current status and determine your desired destination.

Twinfinity AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sweco AB. Twinfinity AB provides the Twinfinity platform. Sweco is Twinfinity AB's main partner for delivering and implementing the Digital Strategy, SimpleBuilding and Information Management services we provide.

Absolutely. As a customer of Twinfinity, you gain access to a comprehensive document management system. Effective document management is critical to the success of implementing digital twins, and our system is designed to provide the necessary organization and structure. The system has two components – one to support document management during projects, and the other to serve as a digital archive.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Twinfinity supports information management throughout the life cycle of your property.

Yes, the data is securely stored within Sweden and never crosses its borders. If you have any concerns regarding security, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to provide more information and details on the measures we take to ensure secure data management. Learn more about our Security here

The answer to that question depends on what the application is intended to do. Twinfinity's API is well-documented and has an accompanying playground for developers. We suggest starting there. Afterwards, we can connect you with our developers or our partners' developers to take it further.



There is no restriction.

There is no restriction.



Twinfinity has a square meter-based pricing. If you're interested in purchasing Twinfinity, please contact us for a pricing estimate.



Twinfinity works on modern web browsers and newer handheld devices compatible with Android or iOS. Twinfinity basically requires an internet connection and web browser. The complexity of the models, in turn, places demands on the device’s graphics capabilities.

Twinfinity is delivered as a SaaS by default. The system can also be delivered as an "on-premises" solution.

All data is stored in Sweden and at no time leaves Sweden's borders.

In order to upload a 3D model into Twinfinity, it needs to be in the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format.

Yes. Twinfinity's APIs are well documented and available here.



During operations

Many of our customers use the Changes & Assets app – a tool within the Twinfinity platform that enables you to document any modifications made to your property. These modifications can then be managed either within your organization or through Sweco's information management services.


Help & support

The easiest way to reach Twinfinity support is through [email protected]


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