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Step into the world of Twinfinity, where a variety of intuitive and customizable apps await to empower your property management journey.

Navigate the intricacies of your building models effortlessly with Twinfinity's integrated IFC viewer. This feature allows you to easily open, display, and interact with IFC files stored on our platform. More than just viewing, the app lets you delve into all the rich data embedded within the IFC files, enhancing your insight and management capabilities.

UI snippet from Viewer app
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Twinfinity's IFC validator, accessible online, is your tool for confirming the integrity of the data within your IFC files. It checks that the models you receive are structured correctly and contain the right information, enhancing trust in your digital twin and ensuring your decisions are grounded in precise, quality-controlled data.

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Keeping your digital twin accurate is essential when mirroring your real-world property. With the Changes & Assets app, documenting alterations, from door replacements to conference room modifications, is straightforward and direct. Each update you make in the app instantly reflects in your digital model, ensuring your digital twin consistently matches the actual property.

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This app brings clarity and insight into how areas within your buildings are utilized. This app blends interactive visuals with data-rich tables to offer a holistic overview of your spaces.

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