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Twinfinity API - accessible and powerful

Twinfinity is all about making data accessible and easy to understand by putting it in a building context - while at the same time maintaining high levels of security. That means that we heavily rely on our capabilities to integrate data via our APIs to create value and insights for our customers.

How it works:


Create 3D model

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Prepare data

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Create applications

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First off, we need to describe the inner workings of Twinfinity.
There are two integral parts called Twinfinity Core and Twinfinity Embedded API.

Twinfinity Core

When an IFC is uploaded, an automatic flow is initiated that breaks down the IFC model into information that is stored in a database. The content of this database is exposed, via APIs, to the customer's ecosystem of data and services. Twinfinity applications uses a client API (browser, JavaScript/TypeScript). The client API is open, distributed as an NPM package, well-documented, and provides customers and partners with the ability to write their own applications on the Twinfinity API. It is possible to embed the client API in any web application. 

IFC to Twinfinity Core
Mapping of API

Embedded API

Empower Your Business with Twinfinity Embedded API


At Twinfinity, we understand that no single platform can fulfill every business need. Your business has unique aspects, and so do your challenges. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to not just providing solutions but empowering our customers. With the Twinfinity Embedded API, you can extend beyond the limits of Twinfinity Apps, harnessing the unique potential of integrating building, business, and operations empowered by the Twinfinity Embedded API.

A web-based client for visualization of model data makes it possible to create different types of value-adding tools using JavaScript/TypeScript that visualize selected models independently, together with other models, and/or with integrated business data. The client is designed to act both independently as its own web application and to be embedded in various other web-based applications. 

Applications retrieve one or many building models and processes them according to the desired specifications. This may involve coloring, filtering, adding information, visualizing objects based on status in another system, such as objects with outstanding maintenance issues, error reports, or sensor data.




Customizable Solutions
for Every Challenge

Our Embedded API is at the core of every Twinfinity App, and is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you’re looking to enhance functionality, integrate with existing systems, or build something entirely new, our API gives you the tools to make it happen.

Here’s how you benefit:

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Tailored to Your Needs

Adapt, create, or extend the capabilities of the Twinfinity platform to meet all of your specific business requirements.

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Power at Your Fingertips

Access the same robust tools our developers use; we hold nothing back. The tools we provide to you are exactly the same that we use when developing Twinfinity Apps.

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Real-World Success

From streamlining operations to innovating customer experiences, see how businesses like yours are transforming with Twinfinity. 

Case: Vasakronan
Trusted by major property owners such as:
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Twinfinity Embedded API

Accessible and Powerful

We’ve built the Twinfinity Embedded API to be not just powerful, but user-friendly. It’s designed for both developers and business leaders, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing processes while maintaining the highest security standards. With our client API there is no need to expose sensitive data or push that data into your models. By integrating your data on the client side with a Twinfinity App no business data will need to leave your network. This means that you can make Twinfinity Apps that utilize the full power of your business data without exposing it externally.

Screenshot of API documentation platform

Twinfinity in an ecosystem of data and services

A Real Estate company creates and needs a lot data and services in order to function efficiently. Data is often stored in separate systems, making it hard to access, or is presented as numerical values making it hard to understand. Twinfinity serves as a central hub in property management, enabling access and interpretation of data from various systems, and contextualizing it within the building's digital framework. Moreover, Twinfinity acts as a single source of truth regarding areas, spaces etc for the entire ecosystem.

Twinfinity amongst other tech


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dRofus is a cloud-based database tool for managing information and requirements throughout a project's entire life cycle, from planning to management. With dRofus, all actors and disciplines can collaborate on a common platform and thus share information from one and the same source. This creates added value right from the start and ensures that the information available is accurate, reliable and up-to-date.

Thanks to dRofus' add-on to Revit and ArchiCad, or via connection to IFC in dRofus, information can flow seamlessly between dRofus and the BIM models. The information in dRofus is also made available live in other software via our open APIs. Read more about dRofus here.


Integrating dRofus with Twinfinity can significantly enhance the capabilities of both platforms, especially in large-scale project management and facility management. The integration combines the best from two worlds; the model viewer with all it’s features in Twinfinity together with access to the deeper level of data inside dRofus, all in one place.

Find resources you need and get started creating your own apps. Utilize our interactive playground and illustrative examples for an efficient and informed start.

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Your Digital Journey Awaits!


Whether you're looking to develop a digital strategy, transition from drawing-based to model-based practices, or connect your existing 3D models, Twinfinity is here to guide your digital transformation. Let's embark on this journey together!