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Twinfinity®: Our Platform

Revolutionizing property management with Swedish innovation

Twinfinity® streamlines complex data management, fosters sustainable decision-making, and enhances operational efficiency, establishing itself as a single, reliable source of property information. 

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Developed in Sweden since 2001, Twinfinity® is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based SaaS platform tailored for property owners. It embodies the essence of innovation in property management by converting physical properties into digital twins. Rooted in two decades of technological advancement, this platform merges and displays a building's architectural details, operational data, and environmental influence within a comprehensive 3D model. 

From drawings
to models

Twinfinity® modernizes property management by transitioning from traditional drawing-based methods to an efficient, model-based approach.

From drawing to model

This unified model offers:

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Integrated data

Connects building business, operational, and climate data with your 3D model, giving property data a spatial context.

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Environmental analysis

Allows for visualization and analysis of your property's carbon footprint, aiding in sustainability efforts.

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Design efficiency

Supports planning for material reuse and design for deconstruction.

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Operational optimization

Visualizes key property information, improving management and decision-making.

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Data-driven decisions

Integrates and visualizes data from various systems in the building, aiding in effective management.

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Ready-made apps

Facilitates the management of IFC files and records changes to the physical property in the digital twin.

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Easier property management

Centralize your property data

Twinfinity® serves as a central hub in property management, simplifying access and interpretation of data from various systems, and contextualizing it within the building's digital framework.

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Everything in one place

A comprehensive digital 3D model

Operating both cloud-based and on-premise, Twinfinity® revolves around a digital 3D model that links all aspects of your property’s data. This creates a single, reliable source for all property information.

Get smarter

In-depth property insights

With Twinfinity®, gain valuable insights into your property’s performance and manage your entire portfolio more effectively. Utilize easy-to-use tools for detailed analysis and visualization.

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More benefits


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Reduce environmental impact


Twinfinity® assists in meeting environmental regulations and making sustainable decisions by analyzing data related to your property’s carbon footprint and indoor environment.


Optimize your business operations


Connect all your business data with the 3D model for a comprehensive overview, facilitating quick, informed decisions. Enhance your property’s market value by incorporating technical status information.


Efficient property management


Streamline maintenance and management by unifying all data sources in Twinfinity®, offering a complete and accurate view of your property.

Dynamic digital twin


Continuously update the digital twin with real-time information to ensure a complete and accurate view of the property. This includes viewing the room layout, window sizes, and load-bearing walls, as well as identifying areas where light fixtures need to be replaced. The platform also enhances service error and case management systems by providing detailed information about specific rooms, objects, or surfaces, thereby simplifying their usage.


Streamlined document management


The underlying document management system in Twinfinity® guarantees that the correct version of essential operational and maintenance information is always accessible from the 3D model. The system includes features for quality assurance of drawings and models and integrates with Microsoft Office. It provides a high level of security with encrypted data transmission and advanced permission controls. Additionally, it supports project management tasks, such as working with project templates to ensure structural integrity and quality assurance.

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Efficiency in real-time operation


Twinfinity® significantly increases efficiency in building operations by utilizing sensor data for real-time optimization. This feature allows you to monitor the property's performance continuously and make necessary adjustments. For instance, you can lower the temperature in unoccupied spaces or reduce cleaning efforts on less-used surfaces. By aggregating and visualizing operational and maintenance information in real-time, Twinfinity® gives you quick and secure access to the data needed for informed decision-making and timely action in the right place.


Integrate with RealEstateCore


As part of the RealEstateCore family, Twinfinity® is specifically designed to manage and visualize information in digitally connected building models. The platform enables access to digital building models through APIs for various applications and services. By adhering to the industry standard RealEstateCore for describing buildings, Twinfinity® can seamlessly integrate with systems like ProptechOS. This integration allows for comprehensive building representations that combine business data, operational data, sensor data, and more with the digital building model. The synergy of data from ProptechOS and Twinfinity® creates meaningful and contextual insights for users, enhancing the overall user experience and effectiveness of the platform.

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Unlocks an awesome suite of apps - the power of digital twins at your fingertips

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Enables anyone to build value creating applications using our intuitive API:s 

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Providing structured building representations for your ecosystem of data and services

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Your data is safe with us

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Your Digital Journey Awaits!


Whether you're looking to develop a digital strategy, transition from drawing-based to model-based practices, or connect your existing 3D models, Twinfinity is here to guide your digital transformation. Let's embark on this journey together!