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Our offer in data-driven real estate development

Want to advance your digital strategy, shift from a drawing-based approach to a model-based one, or link your existing 3D models to Twinfinity®? We’re here to help you digitalize your operations and begin your journey towards data-driven real estate development.

Data-driven real estate development from A to Z

  • Digital strategy establishes the foundation for data-driven real estate development, tailored to your company's current digital maturity and goals. We aid in identifying your current position, desired outcome, and the best path to reach it.

  • SimpleBuilding gathers all your property data in an easy-to-use 3D model, giving you complete control of your properties, reducing costs and optimizing data flow and profitability in each building.
  • Twinfinity® serves as the central hub in your digital ecosystem, connecting your property's 3D model with your business, operational, and climate data, resulting in a smart digital twin that generates new value for both your company and tenants.
  • Information management ensures that your property data is continuously updated and can be provided as a comprehensive service or customized to meet your specific needs.

Our full-service offering 

01 Digital strategy

Need assistance in enhancing your digital strategy or creating one from scratch?

No matter where you and your company stand in your digital progress, we're here to steer you in the right direction and assist you in taking the next step in your digital transformation. Our experts have extensive knowledge in building digital properties and a deep understanding of the obstacles you may encounter as a property owner. The goal of our strategy is for you to have full control over your data and to establish a seamless flow of information. All the way from 3D models, control systems and IoT devices to management, operations, and business objectives.

01 Digital Strategi
02 SimpleBuilding

Gives your property data a spatial context

SimpleBuilding is a digital 3D representation of your property, serving as the foundation of the digital twin. It includes details such as room and rental units, building envelope, intermediate floors, walls, and doors and is designed to meet all RealEstateCore ontology standards. This ensures that it can easily integrate with other systems, allowing for the visualization of everything from sensor data and rental agreements to managing access points. Utilizing SimpleBuilding as the information carrier within a digital twin empowers you to fully oversee your properties, reduce expenses and optimize data flow and profitability in each building.

Simple buildings
03 Twinfinity

The smart platform for digital twins

Twinfinity® is a BIM platform that links the digital 3D model of your building with your business, operational, and climate data. This creates a smart digital twin that serves as the center of your data-driven real estate development. With Twinfinity®, you gain a comprehensive view of individual buildings as well as your entire property portfolio. This enables you to reduce the environmental impact of individual buildings, enhance business operations, lower management costs, and generate new value for your tenants and users.

Discover twinfinity®

04 Information management services

Customized property information management

Twinfinity offers information management services to keep your property data up to date. BIM consultants can support your projects with accurate data, help plan new projects, ensure the proper use of templates during planning, verify information deliveries, manage users in document systems, update your digital twins and more. Our information management services can be provided as a comprehensive package or tailored to your specific needs.


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