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Case: Trafikverket

BIM Platform for Infrastructure

Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to be a Real Estate owner in order to harness the potential of Twinfinity. Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, are currently developing their own prototype application on the Twinfinity Platform. 

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Given the ongoing digital development, Trafikverket are exploring the conditions for using BIM (Building Information Modeling) models in their management and maintenance operations. This also includes reviewing their procedures for receiving, validating, storing, and visualizing digital deliveries from construction and maintenance projects. 


and more control


Trafikverket has a need to visualize BIM models in a simple, tasteful, and needs-based way. A shift from drawing to model-based way of working also leads to higher requirements for the content and data structure of the models. The need for quality assurance of digital deliveries from construction and maintenance projects is therefore also greater and needs to be done in a controlled and standardized manner.

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Data driven maintenance


Trafikverket explores their readiness in data driven maintenance. In order to do so Trafikverket are using Twinfinity as a highly customizable BIM-platform that also includes functionality such as an advanced model validator and a viewer with capability to jointly visualize GIS, BIM and track data. 

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Twinfinity® stands as a versatile platform designed for crafting digital replicas of properties, with the flexibility of cloud or on-premises operation. This innovative system brings property data to life by linking it to a 3D model, offering users a dynamic way to visualize, scrutinize, and understand data for comprehensive insights into a property's structure, functionality, and overall status. For Vasakronan, a digital twin encompasses the synergy of Twinfinity®, real-time data sourced from ProptechOS, and crucial business information.

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