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Case: Vasakronan

A transformative journey

Vasakronan, Sweden's largest real estate company, embraced a digital revolution with Twinfinity®. They brought their vast portfolio of 170 properties into the digital age, creating virtual replicas - digital twins - of each. 

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This move wasn't just about going digital; it was about gaining total clarity over their operations. It streamlined their management processes, shrunk their environmental impact, and made their services more adaptable to client needs. The best part? They're now working smarter, not harder, saving time, resources, and the planet, all while boosting their bottom line.

Transitioning from paper to digital efficiency

Vasakronan marked a significant shift by moving from analog drawings to a sophisticated digital model realm. This transition involved linking real-time data from their properties with essential business and management figures within a 3D model. The process allowed for an enhanced level of analysis, processing, visualization, and sharing of information. Central to this digital leap was the establishment of a unified hub, presenting all data in one accessible location, which became the indisputable source of truth. This advancement led to a reduction in errors, decreased costs for updates, and the availability of accurate building information for everyone in the organization, accessible on any device, at any moment.

Stats about Vasakronans properties

"For Vasakronan, it was an important part of our development to take the step from an analog, drawing-based way of working to a digital model world. With Twinfinity®, we now gain control over all relevant data in our buildings throughout their entire life cycle. It gives us the opportunity to remain relevant and become better both at sustainable solutions and at creating the flexibility in our service offering that customers demand."

Sören Sandell, Business developer, Vasakronan

Data mastery for sustainable
and efficient management


The Digital Twin technology harnesses the power of IoT sensors, integrating diverse data points like CO2 levels, occupancy, space utilization, temperature, and airflow directly into a building's digital model. This setup not only facilitates real-time and historical data viewing but also connects each property to the broader smart city ecosystem. For Vasakronan, this means enhanced business optimization opportunities and a deeper understanding of each property's unique attributes and value, all contributing to more sustainable and resource-efficient property management.

"Having control over your data provides detailed information about the property. This provides added security and value during a due diligence process, either before you are planning to buy or sell a property. By knowing which rooms are not in use and if there are any issues such as heat leaks, you can optimize maintenance, reduce cleaning in unused rooms, and optimize garbage collection. This is a smart way to save resources and energy while also improving efficiency and sustainability", says Fredrik Ahl, head of Sweco's digital model concept SimpleBuildings.

Vasakronan property in Sthlm


Enhancing sustainability and
profitability with digital twins


The digital twin serves as a strategic tool in planning for a circular economy, detailing materials and components within the property that can be repurposed, thus supporting sustainable practices. It precisely illustrates recyclable elements like ceilings, doors, and various fixtures, including their specific locations. Additionally, the digital twin aids in visualizing the property's environmental impact, showcasing factors such as CO2 emissions, indoor climate conditions, and sustainability certifications, thereby not just contributing to environmental consciousness but also potentially enhancing the property's rental appeal.

Furthermore, the digital twin simplifies rental property management. It integrates lease agreements directly with their corresponding physical spaces in the model, enabling a clear visualization of imminent vacancies, occupancy status, and retail turnovers. This system allows for efficient filtering based on rent tiers, revenue, and other pertinent data, streamlining the management process and providing quick insights for informed decision-making.

"Digitalizing our properties opens up opportunities for more efficient resource usage and provides valuable insights through data management. With Twinfinity®, we are able to improve the quality of our actions, reduce costs and offer more sustainable and modern office solutions to our customers."

Sören Sandell, Business developer, Vasakronan

Fostering industry-wide collaboration through technology

Vasakronan is at the forefront of integrating technological advancements across its operational spectrum, championing the creation of a unified and standardized ecosystem within the industry. This collaborative approach involves sharing insights and experiences with fellow real estate entities, enabling stakeholders to mutually benefit from one another's models and solutions. This collective strategy not only propels individual companies forward but also strengthens the entire sector, driving innovation and shared success.

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"We aim to make data open, useful and accessible, so that more people can benefit from the same information. Our customers should be able to make the most out of their premises, and partners such as Ragn-Sells and Securitas should be able to add information to our model from their respective perspectives", says Sören Sandell.


The potential of digital twins will drive innovation and growth across the industry, creating a connected world of services and products that everyone can benefit from.

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Discover the power of digital twins with Twinfinity®

Twinfinity® stands as a versatile platform designed for crafting digital replicas of properties, with the flexibility of cloud or on-premises operation. This innovative system brings property data to life by linking it to a 3D model, offering users a dynamic way to visualize, scrutinize, and understand data for comprehensive insights into a property's structure, functionality, and overall status. For Vasakronan, a digital twin encompasses the synergy of Twinfinity®, real-time data sourced from ProptechOS, and crucial business information.

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