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Case: Castellum

From Silos to Full Control

By introducing our document management platform, Castellum has streamlined the management of its property documentation. This initiative has enabled a transformation from isolated information structures to a more centralized and cohesive information management.

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Centralizing building information provides a comprehensive overview of the property portfolio, essential for efficient facility management and strategic, fact-based decision-making. Castellum can now streamline both its construction projects and facility management processes, leading to a more uniform and controlled flow of information.

Old Data in New Context - Digital Transformation

Pilot of SimpleBuilding


Castellum has evaluated the SimpleBuilding concept on portions of its property portfolio. By creating simplified 3D models with generic building components and a higher level of detailed area information, Castellum has explored new dimensions of facility management. The Twinfinity concept places the building at the center of all decisions and enhances the understanding of its buildings. Twinfinity creates a solid foundation for future digital acceleration.

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Breaking new ground
with Twinfinity Apps

Castellum is currently developing several Twinfinity applications to gain accessible and more fact-based insights of its property portfolio. Castellum are also evaluating and aims to use our ready to use applications: 

Changes & Assets is used to report changes in 3D models, which enables the possibility to assure that drawings and models are always up to date for all stakeholders and applications. It is also used to enrich buildings with virtual assets to serve as a node for asset or equipment information. 

Area Utility provides enhanced access to detailed area information. In a user-friendly interface, area information is displayed alongside Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as heated area, tenant spaces and space efficiency with upcoming integrations to visualize vacancy rate, all integrated with business data and lease agreements. 

IoT is an important part of Castellum's efforts to enhance the sustainability of buildings and achieve set climate goals, is the understanding of each building's condition and performance. Using Twinfinity's IoT tool, sensor data such as temperature, air quality, and occupancy can be placed in a building-specific context, which provides new and more detailed insights, both historically and in real time. The visualization of this data enables Castellum to make well-founded decisions to improve indoor climate, reduce energy consumption and thereby increase Net Operating Income while reducing the climate footprint. 

In summary, these steps have been taken with a humble approach to innovation and digitalization, in line with Castellum's core values. By exploring and implementing Twinfinity, Castellum demonstrates its commitment to remaining at the forefront of digitalizing of the facility management, thereby effectively improving its operations. 

The Future is Here

In the Starting Blocks for Digital Acceleration: With the implementation of Twinfinity, Castellum is now facing an exciting time of digital acceleration. Castellum's ability and willingness to integrate new technologies and digital solutions, aided by Twinfinity, have laid a firm and solid foundation for future innovations and opportunities. 

New Insights and Benefits


Castellum's future is filled with opportunities to create new insights and benefits throughout its entire property portfolio. Through continued development and integration of advanced digital solutions, Castellum can continue to refine its facility management, optimize processes, and strengthen their position as a leader in the digital transformation of the real estate industry. Twinfinity is thrilled and incredibly proud to be a part of this journey towards a more sustainable future and to continue providing operational support for digital insight with the help of digital twins.

"An improved overview and increased availability of information gives us the opportunity to make better and more sustainable decisions in our property management. With the help of Twinfinity, we want to facilitate and streamline our daily work with searching for technical information and drawings. 

We now also have the opportunity to get an overall picture of our buildings' performance, which is valuable for optimizing our property operations and supporting our work towards set climate goals. I look forward to continuing to drive Castellum's digital development together with Twinfinity, with a focus on Castellum's core business and making everyday life easier for customers through sustainable digital property management", says Kennet Ahlbom, Technical Information Manager at Castellum. 

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Discover the power of digital twins with Twinfinity®

Twinfinity® stands as a versatile platform designed for crafting digital replicas of properties, with the flexibility of cloud or on-premises operation. This innovative system brings property data to life by linking it to a 3D model, offering users a dynamic way to visualize, scrutinize, and understand data for comprehensive insights into a property's structure, functionality, and overall status. For Vasakronan, a digital twin encompasses the synergy of Twinfinity®, real-time data sourced from ProptechOS, and crucial business information.

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