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Commercial Property Management

Built for the needs of commercial real estate companies

Twinfinity originates from long lasting relationships with customers in the commercial real estate segment. Our strategic partnerships has solidified our position and traction within this segment. Twinfinity is built, from the ground up, with the strategic and operational needs of commercial real estate companies in mind. 

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The digitalization
of an industry

Over the past decade, the offering from commercial real estate owners has evolved significantly due to the digitalization of the industry. In the past, commercial real estate owners typically offered tenants a physical space to rent, with limited digital amenities or services.


However, as the digitalization of the industry has progressed, commercial real estate owners have begun to offer tenants a much more comprehensive set of digital services. For example, many commercial real estate owners now offer tenants access to digital property management platforms that give tenants access to a digital representation of their premises. This allows them to access an overview of their contracts, media consumption, IoT-data, climate footprint or submit maintenance requests online.

Additionally, some commercial real estate owners offer tenants access to mobile apps that provide information about the property and surrounding area, as well as access to building services, such as package delivery and concierge services. To fully embrace this shift in market expectations and demand the commercial real estate companies needs a structured way of connecting their digital buildings with business data. 

4 pillars


The life cycle perspective

As data dependencies increases for both strategic and operational decisions, the reliability and validity of the digital building representations increases as well. Therefor, a life cycle perspective on all digital buildings must be applied as the strategic value of the digital perspective grows.


Twinfinity was created to embrace the life cycle perspective of digital decision making by suppling tools and services for keeping digital buildings updated. Our customers in the commercial real estate segment use Twinfinity to:

  • Create a single source of shared truth regarding their digital buildings.
  • Create value using our standard applications.
  • Build their own applications where they create insight and value by connecting custom data regarding Building, Business, Sustainability and Operations within a building context.



Client stories

Explore how Castellum used Twinfinity to turn data in silos to value in a digital twin.

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Explore how Sweden's largest property owner used Twinfinity to create digital twins for their entire property portfolio. 

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Start your digital twin journey

Discover the power of digital twins with Twinfinity®

Twinfinity® stands as a versatile platform designed for crafting digital replicas of properties, with the flexibility of cloud or on-premises operation. This innovative system brings property data to life by linking it to a 3D model, offering users a dynamic way to visualize, scrutinize, and understand data for comprehensive insights into a property's structure, functionality, and overall status. For Vasakronan, a digital twin encompasses the synergy of Twinfinity®, real-time data sourced from ProptechOS, and crucial business information.

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