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A full-scale digital transformation

Vasakronan, Sweden's largest real estate company, utilized Twinfinity® to digitalize its entire real estate portfolio and create digital twins of around 170 properties. This has given full control over all relevant data, allowing them to optimize operations and management, reduce their climate footprint, and offer a more flexible service offering. As a result, they have been able to work more resource-efficiently, resulting in both environmental and financial benefits.

From analog drawings to a digital model world

By connecting real-time data from the property with business and management data in a 3D model, information can be analyzed, processed, visualized and shared. All data is visualized in a hub, which becomes a single source of truth. This results in fewer errors, lower update costs, and easy access to accurate building information for all members of the organization. On any device, and at any time.

– For Vasakronan, it was an important part of our development to take the step from an analog, drawing-based way of working to a digital model world. With Twinfinity®, we now gain control over all relevant data in our buildings throughout their entire life cycle. It gives us the opportunity to remain relevant and become better both at sustainable solutions and at creating the flexibility in our service offering that customers demand, says Sören Sandell, business developer at Vasakronan.

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Fredrik Ahl
Fredrik Ahl
Business Relations Manager

Full control over data empowers optimized, resource-efficient and sustainable management

The Digital twin uses IoT sensors to connect various types of information, such as CO2 levels, presence, room usage, temperature, and air flow, to a building model. This information can be viewed both in real-time and historically. By connecting this information to the larger context of the smart city, Vasakronan can optimize its business and better understand the conditions and values of each respective property. 

– Having control over your data provides detailed information about the property. This provides added security and value during a due diligence process, either before you are planning to buy or sell a property. By knowing which rooms are not in use and if there are any issues such as heat leaks, you can optimize maintenance, reduce cleaning in unused rooms, and optimize garbage collection. This is a smart way to save resources and energy while also improving efficiency and sustainability, says Fredrik Ahl, head of Sweco's digital model concept SimpleBuildings.

The smart platform for digital twins

Twinfinity® is a platform for creating digital twins of properties. It can operate on the cloud or on-premises. By connecting property data to a 3D model, users can visualize and analyze the data to gain insights about the construction, functions, and overall condition of the property. Vasakronan considers a digital twin to be a combination of Twinfinity®, real-time data from ProptechOS, and business data.

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Maximizing recycling and rental potential in the digital twin

The digital twin allows for the planning of a circular economy by providing information on materials and components that can be reused. It displays the number of ceilings, doors, and other items that can be recycled and their location. The digital twin also helps visualize the climate footprint, including CO2 emissions, indoor climate, and sustainability certifications.

Additionally, the twin allows for easy management of rental properties. Lease contracts can be linked directly to rental objects in the model, making it easy to visualize upcoming vacancies, rented and vacant spaces, and turnover in stores. You can also quickly filter by rent levels, income, and other relevant information.

– Digitalizing our properties opens up opportunities for more efficient resource usage and provides valuable insights through data management. With Twinfinity®, we are able to improve the quality of our actions, reduce costs and offer more sustainable and modern office solutions to our customers, says Sören Sandell.

“Digitalizing our properties opens up opportunities for more efficient resource usage and provides valuable insights through data management.”

Sören Sandell, Business Developer, Vasakronan

Collaborating for a shared ecosystem in the industry

Vasakronan incorporates technology development into all aspects of its operations, actively working to establish a shared and standardized ecosystem in the industry. By sharing knowledge and experience with other real estate companies, stakeholders can leverage each other's models and solutions for mutual benefit.

– We aim to make data open, useful and accessible, so that more people can benefit from the same information. Our customers should be able to make the most out of their premises, and partners such as Ragn-Sells and Securitas should be able to add information to our model from their respective perspectives, says Sören Sandell.

The potential of digital twins will drive innovation and growth across the industry, creating a connected world of services and products that everyone can benefit from.

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