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Digital twins

The real estate industry is currently undergoing a digital revolution. This shift is affecting companies of all sizes, including both private and municipal companies, and buildings of all types, such as offices, commercial spaces, and residential properties. The rise of digital twins has brought about a fundamental change in the industry, one that will have a lasting impact. 

What is a digital twin? 

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical object or system and its surrounding environment, to which business data is linked. This allows for the creation of new insights, values and services. The scope of digital twins can range from a single piece of equipment to larger entities such as buildings, factories, and even entire cities. The concept of digital twins is constantly evolving and today, it even includes things such as processes and organizations. 

We transform your properties to digital twins

A digital twin of a property is essentially a digital 3D model with a roof, walls, windows and doors that is connected to relevant business data. By using our BIM platform Twinfinity®, property owners can connect information about their physical property with the model to gain a comprehensive understanding of everything from rental contracts, sensor data, and energy consumption, to contracts for cleaning, maintenance, and alarm systems.

With all data in one place, the 3D model transforms into a digital twin of the physical property, allowing you to visualize relevant information in a clear digital context. This provides a unique, holistic view of the property and its functions, business and environmental impact. 

Full overview and control of your property

In your digital twin, you get a complete overview of your property’s spaces, installations and functions. For example, you can see which rooms are not used and therefore do not need cleaning or heating. You can also quickly discover when and where vacancies will occur during a certain period, or what climate footprint your property has. The accumulated information that is presented helps you both meet the requirements of climate declarations and supports you in the transition towards sustainability in your business operations. 

Our offer in data-driven real estate development

Whether you want to develop your digital strategy, move from a drawing-based practice to a model-based one, or connect your existing 3D models to Twinfinity®, we can help you digitalize your operations and take the first steps toward data-driven real estate development.

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01 Digital strategy

Our experts guide you through the strategic process of creating digital twins, whether by refining your current strategy or developing a new one.

02 SimpleBuilding

With the help of cost-effective 3D models called SimpleBuildings, we help our clients transition from drawing-based practices to model-based ones.

03 Twinfinity®

Twinfinity is a BIM platform that creates digital twins, allowing you to visualize the construction, functions, and overall performance of your building.

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04 Information management services

Our information management services are designed to help you keep your property information up to date. Whether you need a full-service commitment or a more customized approach, we can provide the support you need.

Discover how Sweden's largest real estate company digitalized its entire real estate portfolio using Twinfinity

Discover how we assisted Vasakronan, Sweden's largest real estate company, in digitalizing its real estate portfolio by creating digital twins of approximately 170 properties.

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Digital twins optimize and create new values

With the help of digital twins, you can make data-driven decisions, and proactively manage your property:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of your buildings
  • Increase operational efficiency and profitability
  • Decrease management costs
  • Generate new value for tenants and users.

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