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About Twinfinity

Ease of Doing Business

Welcome to Twinfinity, where the future of building management and real estate development is being redefined through the power of digital twins.

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Our team, a blend of system developers, 3D artists, digital strategists, marketers, and economists, is the driving force behind Twinfinity. 

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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sweco AB, Twinfinity stands on a solid foundation.

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Founded in 2021, with roots stretching back to 2001, our journey began with a vision to transform how buildings are managed, experienced, and optimized, ensuring they thrive in harmony with our planet.


Our platform

At the heart of Twinfinity is our cloud-based platform, an innovative convergence of 3D modeling, business acumen, operational intelligence, and climate awareness.

This unique blend enables us to create digital twins of buildings, offering unparalleled insights into their performance and sustainability. We're not just managing properties; we're revolutionizing them to contribute to a sustainable society, in line with our mission to drive sustainable real estate through digital innovation.

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Our philosophy

At Twinfinity, we have a philosophy of "ease of doing business" that reflects our customer-centric culture and commitment to making your business easier every day. Our goal is to deliver this philosophy every day through services that enable you to:

User-friendly interface

Easy to use for your business requirements.

Streamlined resource management

Increased efficiency and productivity.

Predictive maintenance

Minimise downtime with real-time monitoring.

Energy optimisation

Improved energy efficiency and cost savings.

Clear data visualisations

Real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Dedicated support

Personalised support and guidance.

Continuous innovation

Stay ahead of industry trends with the latest technology.

As a customer of Twinfinity... can expect nothing less than excellence in all aspects of your experience.

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Your Digital Journey Awaits!


Whether you're looking to develop a digital strategy, transition from drawing-based to model-based practices, or connect your existing 3D models, Twinfinity is here to guide your digital transformation. Let's embark on this journey together!